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Ryan MacKellar, a Freelance Copywriter and SEO Specialist on the roof of his Toronto homeI’m Ryan, a freelance Toronto SEO consultant & expert. I can help boost your search visibility and generate organic web traffic without all the needless upsells. I’ve worked in SEO for over 3 years at two marketing agencies, witnessing first hand how traffic from Google can become the most important sources of leads and traffic for your business. Don’t get left behind. Because even if you aren’t doing SEO, your competitors probably are.

Sadly, SEO is still a lot of snakeoil. That’s why I promise:

  1. Honest consulting
  2. Upfront pricing
  3. No long-term contracts

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I have worked as in search marketing for the last 3 years, crafting keyword strategies, building backlinks and ensuring all clients have their technical SEO up to par. Wondering what services I offer?

Technical SEO

I have extensive experience in all aspects of technical SEO and tools including:

  • Full SEO site audits
  • Canonicals and hreflang implementation and optimization
  • Page speed analysis
  • Crawl analysis involving tools like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog and SEMRush
  • Website Migration

Website Migrations

Many companies are investing in new websites, whether to update their content management system, merge legacy sites into one new or prepare for the rise of mobile-first indexing. Regardless, there’s a lot of risk to your existing organic traffic if you don’t do it right. With 5 successful website migrations under my belt, I can make sure you avoid the common pitfalls.

Keyword Research and Targeting

The foundation of any solid SEO strategy involves two elements: a functioning website and a well-thought-out keyword strategy. With my extensive experience in Google Keyword Planner, I will find the best keywords to drive rankings, traffic and conversions, including those niche opportunities that competitors overlook.

On-Page Optimization

Having all of your pages optimized for search is a great way to help give your SEO a boost. I can optimize all on-site elements your title tags, h1s, body copy, h2s and ensure proper distribution of link equity through internal links.

Link Building

Link building is the key to long-term success for SEO program. I can craft a strategy for any budget that will help you get quality links. But it’s not just about posting articles on fake Indian websites. That’s so 2015. I get creative with my client’s link building to find those opportunities that really move the needle for a website.

Content Creation & Promotion

As much as guest posting for other people’s websites is important, the foundation of SEO success for any website is creating high quality content on your own website. With over 5 years of content experience, I can help you craft effective content pieces that will drive organic and referral traffic, the key to the long-term success of your SEO efforts.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

I promise to integrate all SEO activities into a wider inbound strategy that will deliver you qualified leads and customers.