Four Websites You Should be Submitting Your Content to

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When marketers create content, their instinct is to publish and forget. These posts might get shared on a few social media pages, but there is not serious time and effort placed on how these content pieces can be leveraged from an SEO perspective. Today, I’m going to talk about how you can build links to your links by leveraging the power of social bookmarking sites.

While you can search for lists of 50, I prefer to focus on those that meet two conditions:

  • They have a large enough user base to make referral traffic possible
  • They link to your content from an indexable page.

Why these two? Because you always want to a link you create to have the potential of traffic. That will greatly increase its value. Second is that even if no one clicks on the link, Google will still find and crawl it. This also passes on authority to your content piece.

Note that this can also be used for guest posting. While it’s not advisable to waste time building the authority of cheap sponsored posts on websites that exist solely for that purpose, any sponsored post on a reputable website (with the correct link tags of course) should also be shared in this way. This will help improve the value of the page that has a link to your website, thereby increasing the value of that link.

Here are my five favourite social bookmarking sites that you should be on.


The best performing link by referral traffic that I ever build was from Quora. There’s a huge user base on the website and people are regularly answering questions. Assuming your content answers a question someone on the platform has, your piece of content has the potential to be seen by a large number of users.

A good way to approach Quora could also be to find a question related to your industry, write a piece of content about and then answer it on.  Given that Quora questions often rank high in Google, this could provide a long-last source of referral traffic for your website.


Medium is a great place to submit your content to, but you have to go about it in a different way. Because of issues with duplicate content, you don’t just want to publish the same article. Rather you want to write content about your content and then link to it. That way, it won’t suffer duplicate content penalties.


Reddit has a massive and very active community that you can submit content to. They are very sensitive about spammers, so poor content will be down-voted and receive negative comments. However, if you have a content piece your feel is relevant and informative to a certain community (and if you aren’t making informative and relevant content, one might wonder why you are doing it at all), then you should definitely be posting it.


BizSugar has a particular subdomain for its community feature, which is where you are going to want to register for. It’s a site dedicated to helping people run a business and so the content is tailored to that audience. If you have a content that fits one of their categories, this is a great place to get some potential traffic as well as a crawlable link to your article.

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