[Infographic] My Six Search Resolutions for 2018

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SEO resolutions for 2018

My 6 Search Resolutions for 2018

SEO is changing. All of spammy, algorithm-first tactics (low quality backlinks, keyword-stuffed title tags) are headed for the dustbin. To achieve success on Google for 2018, the needs of user must come first. The more useful your website is to any visitor, the better it will perform. With that in mind, here are my 2018 resolutions for all search campaigns.

Traffic First, Links Second

Links are no longer king. A 2017 study by SEM Rush revealed that direct traffic, bounce rate and pageviews are the three highest ranking factors. In addition, it’s clear that Google is striving to make links even less important to ranking well. That’s why traffic will be my key performance indicator in 2018.

A Blog A Month

A blog every month offers an achievable target for a website with fewer resources. This approach generates enough content to benefit your website from an SEO perspective (internal linking and organic traffic). It also makes it easier to focus on creating high quality content, which consistently performs better in search.

Schema Markup Everywhere

No matter how smart we think Google is, it still struggles to make sense of what a webpage is actually about. That’s why there’s schema markup. It’s a form of metadata added to a webpage that tells the algorithm what it is crawling and how to categorize it. Using schema has a host of benefits. In December 2017, Google even launched an algorithm update that penalized websites without it.

Click through rate is King

Google has been using metrics related to the relevancy of results (think bounce rate) as a rankling factor for quite some time. Now, there’s more evidence than ever that generating more clicks on a result compared to competitors will result in higher rankings.

My New SEO Tool: A Thesaurus

The days of having to worry about just one keyword are over. Now, keyword targeting requires an in-depth knowledge of synonyms and related industry terms. This year, I’ll be keeping my thesaurus bookmarked for just that reason.

Mobile-First Will Be Top Of Mind

Mobile traffic, already an important aspect of SEO, will become the next big thing in 2018. Why? With the launch of the mobile first index and the continued growth of mobile traffic, all SEOs will need to keep their websites and strategies mobile-first.

P.S. A Bonus Resolution

Checking Google’s New Index Coverage Report, which provides invaluable data for how a website is getting crawled.

Ryan MacKellar, Toronto SEO Consultant

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