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Currently I work in the SEO department at 9thCO, one of the city’s top digital marketing agencies for SEO and web design. I work with a team of two other SEO specialists to manage our clients on-page performance, build backlinks and develop content strategies. Before this, I work as an SEO Content Writer at Search Engine People, creating optimized web copy, keyword maps and inbound marketing strategies using Hubspot.

The origins of my love for writing, SEO and marketing came when I was a university student. I wanted to explore my interests and write something in the process, so I began creating my own blogs with a humorous bent to them. My one blog, outlining my band’s summer tour across Canada, received over 100 pageviews a post. Given my small audience size, I was encouraged to take my writing to the next level.

I was brought onto to work at the Alzheimer Society because of skills in blogging. I started as their in-house blogger, but rose to become the top copywriter in the organization. I wrote everything for them: volunteer manuals, advocacy documents, educational brochures, web copy, fundraising brochures and more! Through a combination of quality content and SEO, I managed to rank #1 for multiple high volume keywords for highly relevant audiences.

But as time passed, I was ready for a new challenge. I accepted a job at Search Engine People to grow my skills in SEO and began by working on SEO content plans. But in a fast paced agency setting, people departed, responsibilities shifted and I found myself with much more on my plate. I became their SEO specialist, providing keyword research, on-page recommendations and website architecture suggestions for clients. I also was called upon to create and implement inbound marketing a strategies for several B2B and B2C clients.

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